httpYac provides a system to provide a simple way to create, execute, and store information about HTTP requests:

  • VS Code extension to create and execute requests
  • CLI application to allow CI to use created http requests for testing
  • httpBook for documentation of requests in a Jupyter Notebook Format

The goal is to create a simple, free and extensible development tool that follows known standards if possible. For example, for the description language of the requests, the specification mostly repeats RFC 7230open in new window with several extensions intended for easier requests composing and editing.

Feature comparisons

FeaturehttpYacPostmanopen in new windowRest Clientopen in new windowIntellij Ideaopen in new window
Send Request and View
-- Rest
-- GraphQL-
-- gRPC--
Variable support
Custom Scripting support- (pull requestopen in new window)partially
Test/ Assert Response- (pull requestopen in new window)
Authorization supportpartially (no custom auth flow)-
-- OAuth2/ OpenId Connect--
-- AWS Signature v4-
-- Basic Authentication
-- Digest Authentication
-- SSL Client Certificate-
-- Custom Authentication--
Code Generation-
Built-in Preview Support (Image, PDF, ...)-✓ (only Image)-
Share workspacepaywall
extensible/ plugin supportpartially--
cli support--
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