This document covers some common httpYac issues and how to resolve them. You should always follow these steps before opening a new issue.

Turn off verification of self-signed certificate

Self-signed certificates are not accepted by Node JS. For this reason, certificate verification must be disabled. For individual cases, the following is an option.

<<< ./examples/metaData/noRejectUnauthorized.http{1}

It is also possible to disable the check in general in the .httpyac.js configuration

module.exports = {
  "request": {
    "https":  {
      "rejectUnauthorized": false

Protocol "https:" not supported. Expected "http:" in VS Code with HTTP/2.0

The cause is the proxy configuration of VS Code. This is set to https.proxysupport=override by default. For the use of http2 a http2wrapperopen in new window is used. However, this is not recognized correctlyopen in new window when using the VS Code Proxy Agentopen in new window. To work around this behavior, proxy support must be disabled

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