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This document covers some common httpYac issues and how to resolve them. You should always follow these steps before opening a new issue.

Turn off verification of self-signed certificate

Self-signed certificates are not accepted by Node JS. For this reason, certificate verification must be disabled. For individual cases, the following is an option.

# @no-reject-unauthorized

X-ClientCert: pfx: ../assets/ passphrase:

It is also possible to disable the check in general in the .httpyac.js configuration

module.exports = {
  "request": {
    "https":  {
      "rejectUnauthorized": false

Or using vscode settings

  "httpyac.requestGotOptions": {
    "https": {
        "rejectUnauthorized": false

Protocol "https:" not supported. Expected "http:" in VS Code with HTTP/2.0

The cause is the proxy configuration of VS Code. This is set to https.proxysupport=override by default. For the use of http2 a http2wrapper is used. However, this is not recognized correctly when using the VS Code Proxy Agent. To work around this behavior, proxy support must be disabled