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httpyac CLI

httpyac CLI provides a command line interface to execute *.http and *.rest files. This can be used to quickly execute a single *.http file, but also to execute all files in a folder.

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httpyac can be easily downloaded from the npm registry

npm install -g httpyac
# OR
yarn global add httpyac


To upgrade the global httpyac package, you need to run:

npm update -g httpyac

# OR
yarn global upgrade --latest httpyac


> httpyac --help

Usage: httpyac [options] [command]
httpYac - Quickly and easily send REST, SOAP, GraphQL and gRPC requests
  -V, --version                 output the version number
  -h, --help                    display help for command

  oauth2 [options]              generate oauth2 token
  send [options] <fileName...>  send/ execute http files
  help [command]                display help for command
> httpyac help send

Usage: httpyac send [options] <fileName...>

send/ execute http files

  fileName                  path to file or glob pattern

  -a, --all                 execute all http requests in a http file
  --bail                    stops when a test case fails
  -e, --env  <env...>       list of environments
  --filter <filter>          filter requests output (only-failed)
  --insecure                allow insecure server connections when using ssl
  -i --interactive          do not exit the program after request, go back to selection
  --json                    use json output
  --junit                   use junit xml output
  -l, --line <line>         line of the http requests
  -n, --name <name>         name of the http requests
  --no-color                disable color support
  -o, --output <output>     output format of response (short, body, headers, response, exchange, none)
  --output-failed <output>  output format of failed response (short, body, headers, response, exchange, none)
  --raw                     prevent formatting of response body
  --repeat <count>          repeat count for requests
  --repeat-mode <mode>      repeat mode: sequential, parallel (default)
  --parallel <count>        send parallel requests
  -s, --silent              log only request
  --timeout <timeout>       maximum time allowed for connections
  --var  <variables...>     list of variables
  -v, --verbose             make the operation more talkative
  -h, --help                display help for command

Manual Selection

When called without --all it is possible to specify a single request.

execute one requests

Execute Tests

httpYac supports globby queries. This allows multiple files to be marked for execution at the same time.

execute one requests

Usage in CI with JSON Output

It is possible to prevent all outputs and get a JSON object as result instead. The object corresponds to the following interface.

output json